Our privacy policy

Why do we ask for your consent?
We are committed to protecting the privacy of all personal data, you provide us for this event registration. The following statements describe what we are doing with your data and how long we store it, so you are fully informed prior to you submitting your personal information for an event registration that is being handled by us.

Data Controller Contact
KongresKompagniet A/S, Dokk1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2,3.8, 8000  Aarhus C, Danmark, Tel: 86 29 69 60, Email: GDPR@kongreskompagniet.dk

Why are we processing your personal data?
We ask for your personal data to facilitate your registration for the event that you register for.

Other third parties that will have access to your personal data
Your data might shared with other organizations and third parties in order to process your registration. These can include:
The association that is sponsoring the event.
The hotel you choose to place a reservation with.

Microsoft Azure, B2B E-commerce service provider such as E-copy, E-Conomics (financial invoice system), Sproom (electronic invoicing), EventsAir (booking software). 

How long will we store your personal data?
Your personal data will be retained by us up to 12 months after the conclusion of the event

1) You retain the right to withdraw consent to use your personal data at any time. Please be aware that a withdrawal of consent before the start of the event, will incur a full event cancelation and cancelation fees as noted in your initial registration. Please contact us at GDPR@kongreskompagniet.dk with any inquiries you may have.

2) You retain the right to ask about your personal data at any time free of costs. Please contact us at gdpr@kongreskompagniet.dk with any inquiries you may have.

3) You retain the right to request that we forget or anonymize your personal data. If you have attended any event with us, we will retain any financial, tax or event attendance records for reporting reasons, but will remove all personal data from our database, leaving an "anonymized" record for reporting reasons.

Request to withdraw consent
By withdrawing your consent, your registration will not be submitted or processed.

Why do we ask you to opt-in or opt-out of the attendee app visibility?
We are committed to protecting the privacy of all personal data, you provide us for an event registration, and this includes your visibility in the attendee app if this is in us for the event you are attending. You are able to change your opt-in or opt-out selection at any time directly in the attendee app

What personal data is visible in the attendee app?
During the course of the event you can consent to have your personal details shared with other attendees. This includes your photo, name, position, organization, state and country.
If you choose to withdraw your consent, you are still able to use the attendee app. However, your details will not be shown in the attendee search, you will not be able to contribute to the event stream and your details will not be available in the dinner table seating option.

If you withdraw consent
We respect your right to privacy. Your personal data details will not be displayed in the attendee app and you will not be able to contribute to the EventStream, dinner table allocation or hotel reservations.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us at: GDPR@kongreskompagniet.dk